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Animating emergency plans & processes
  • Natural Hazards
  • Malevolent Activities
  • Technological Hazards
  • Natural Hazards
 Easy to use  Smart notifications
APOCRISIS combines multiple functions but is user friendly and easy to use.  
Notifications in APOCRISIS go further than just messages. We support SMS, voice and email notifications that can be location aware and/or tied to a specific flow.
  Beautiful Visualization     Compliance with SEVESO III Directive

Emergency management or risk management software platforms are in majority “ugly”. We believe that a beautiful platform attracts the users and is easier for them to stick with it.
For the last nine months we are constantly redesigning APOCRISIS focusing on SEVESO III and today we fully cover the management of change procedure (ANNEX III of directive 2012/18/EU a.k.a. SEVESO III).
 Centralized Management

APOCRISIS offers the opportunity for the managers to have a common operating picture not just for emergencies but for every aspect of risk and emergency management.

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